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$599.00 USD
  • 133 lbs of adjustable digital strength
  • 4 different training mode: Standard, Eccentric, Chain, Speed
  • Incredibly Ultra-Thin
  • Smart APP (Innodigym APP)& Free Instructions
  • Safety Button
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Tons of Accessories
  • Voltage 110v/220v(INNODIGYM P1 Lite)


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 different training modes?
4 modes: 1. Standard Mode for basic strength training; 2. Eccentric Mode for efficient mass growth, and better muscle control; 3. Chain Mode for obtaining better endurance; 4. Speed Mode for gaining better explosive power;
What's the weight range?
The INNODIGYM P1 Lite is 30kg/66lbs on each side, in lbs that's 60kg/133lbs in total.
Is there a subscription fee? Like a monthly membership fee?
No subscription fee, and no monthly membership fee. Free APP, free instructions and so forth!
Can the device be used without the app?
Yes, you can use the device without APP. There are 4 buttons on the device, which can be used to adjust the resistance, adjust the mode, activate the resistance and so on.
What are the dimensions (length and width) and weight?
The dimensions is 750*350*55mm, and the product weight is 12kg/27lbs
What is the maximum length of the cable?
The cable length is 3.4m.
How long is the warranty period?
The whole machine after sale for one year, beyond the warranty period of product use problems are also welcome to contact the after-sales team will give the best solution
Will each chain be independently adjustable for weight resistance?
Each side the same resistance,
Will you be adding third party integrations such as Google Fit, fitbit, Apple Health etc.?
Yes, our APP supports Google fit and Apple health.
Can it be mounted on the wall?
Yes, the P1 Lite Plus comes with accessories that are attached to the wall, and the device itself is very light and handy, you can easily hang it on the wall.
Can I attach any 3rd party long bar or pole?
Yes, as long as you have a long bar with a mountaineering buckle on both ends, you can use it on our machines!
Any height range recommendations for the wall mount?
There is no standard height for installation as it varies based on individual preferences and needs. We recommend setting the height according to your specific requirements to ensure optimal functionality and comfort during use.
What type of walls can it be mounted to safely?
For optimal stability and safety, we advise mounting it on a concrete bearing wall.
if the P1 Lite will be stable and stay in place if I'm not stepping or putting my weight on it while I pull the cables during an exercise workout?
For optimal safety during your workout, it's important to ensure stability by applying your weight to the machine, especially when it's placed on the floor. This helps prevent any potential movement or instability, ensuring a secure exercise environment.
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P1 Lite Home GYM

INNODIGYM P1 LITE PLUS | Digital Gym Home Fitness Equipment

The Innodigym P1 Lite is Great, Except For This



    Adopting ultra-thin design and aluminum alloy integrated die-casting


    The Stereo 5W Bluetooth Amplifier delivers powerful sound in a compact design. Enjoy wireless audio streaming with Bluetooth connectivity.

  • 5.0 Disc Type Servo Motor

    Experience unmatched precision with Innodi P1, powered by our 5.0 Disc Type Servo Motor. Elevate home workouts with this advanced, durable tech.


    Multiple Protection Mechanisms Enabled by Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Enhanced Security Features


    Safety buttons on both handles and the bar. It act as afailsafe mechanism,instantly releasing the weights when the load becomes challenging.


    levate your home gym with the Innodi P1 series, utilizing aerospace materials for unmatched strength and longevity.

4 Resistance Different Modes

Multiple training modes, on-demand switching fat burning, shaping, muscle building, multi-dimensional to meet the fitness needs, and efficiently enhance the training effect; suitable for more people to use, beginners, professional fitness enthusiasts and so on;

Full Body Training

The P1 Lite revolutionizes your workout experience with dual direct-drive motors, delivering fluid, stable, and adaptive digital resistance ranging from 8 to 133 lbs. Equipped with smart accessories and two adjustable pulleys, the P1 Lite allows for comprehensive full-body training, taking your fitness routine to new heights.


Portable Fitness Station

P1 Lite Plus is compact and easy to carry, your ultimate portable health and exercise station for on-the-go fitness enthusiasts. Whether you're at home, in the office, or traveling, this versatile digital gym equipment ensures you never miss a workout


Explore the detailed specifications and key differences between INNODIGYM's innovative P1 Lite and P1 Lite Plus digital gym equipment




  • HEIGHT (2.1inch)
  • SIZE (750*350*55mm)
  • AREA (0.26㎡)
  • (Handle*2 ,Waist Belt*1,Ankle strap*2)
  • Wall-Hanging Training(NO)




  • HEIGHT (2.1inch)
  • SIZE (750*350*55mm)
  • AREA (0.26㎡)
  • (Handle*2 ,Waist Belt*1,Ankle strap*2,Wall-mount Component*2)
  • Wall-Hanging Training(YES)

Gym Changer

Unlock your fitness potential with our Digital Gym solutions-P1 LITE. Transform your home into a cutting-edge workout space

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Gym Changer

Unlock your fitness potential with our Digital Gym solutions-P1 LITE. Transform your home into a cutting-edge workout space

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Fitness enthusiasts love P1 LITE

Explore the P1 LITE digital gym, a favorite among fitness enthusiasts for its advanced features and compact design. Elevate your workout routine with this innovative fitness solution!