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INNODIGYM P1 Plus | Versatile Gym Equipment for Most Training Needs | Top-notch Smart Home Gym

$1,199.00 USD
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Who says achieving the perfect physique and a healthy body can only be done at the gym? We are INNODIGYM Digital Fitness Station. INNODIGYM is a research and manufacturing institution dedicated to creating cutting-edge fitness solutions! This time, we've condensed professional fitness equipment into one, allowing you to achieve a perfect and healthy physique from the comfort of your home!


【Product Features】

  • 198 lbs of adjustable digital strength
  • 4 different resistance modes: Standard, Eccentric, Chain, Speed
  • 2.3 Inch Incredibly Ultra-Thin
  • Smart APP (INNODIGYM APP) & 100+ Free Instructions
  • Safety Button
  • Stereo Speakers
  • Tons of Accessories

INNODIGYM P1 PLUS is a next-generation home fitness equipment that can be used by everyone from beginners to experts, and was developed so that anyone can easily train their muscles at home.
. The features of the most commonly used muscle training equipment - dumbbells, cable machines and barbells, along with 4 resistance modes and 100 fitness programs - are integrated into the free app so you can work out at home without going to the gym. Even beginners, including women and seniors, can easily train their muscles.

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Q: What is the maximum training weight?
A: The maximum weight is 99lbs per side, totaling 198lbs.

Q: Can the weight training bench adjust the angle of the backrest?
A: Yes, the bench supports adjustable angles.

Your Ultimate Home Gym Solution

INNODIGYM P1 Smart Home Gym


  • Minimal Design-2.3inch

    Measuring a mere 2.3 INCH in thickness, this slim design not only maximizes space efficiency for storage but also seamlessly integrates into your living environment, ensuring that your fitness aspirations align harmoniously with your home aesthetics.

  • Integrated Aluminumalloy Die Castingtechnology

    Experience The Ultimate Digital Gym Featuring Advanced Integrated Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Technology. Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Unparalleled Durability And Precision. Discover The Future Of Fitness Now!

  • 5.0 Disc Type Servo Motor

    Experience unmatched precision with Innodi P1, powered by our 5.0 Disc Type Servo Motor. Elevate home workouts with this advanced, durable tech.


    Discover Our Digital Gym With An Impressive 4.4lbs--198lbs Resistance Range. Perfect For All Fitness Levels, This Advanced Gym Equipment Enhances Your Workouts With Precise Resistance Adjustments For Optimal Results


    4 training modes, switch on demand to meet diverse fitness needs. A digital gym suitable for beginners and professional fitness enthusiasts, effectively improving training effects and adapting to a wide range of users


    Bring your fitness journey to a whole new level with the INNODIGYM P1's integrated smart app, which offers a wealth of complimentaryworkout instructionsandplans

Fitness enthusiasts love P1 PLUS

Explore the P1 PLUS digital gym, a favorite among fitness enthusiasts for its advanced features and compact design. Elevate your workout routine with this innovative fitness solution!

Adjustable Bench

The chair back adjustment angle is 0-90 degrees, and the seat cushion adjustment angle is 0-20 degrees.