The Power Platform is a newly emerged type of fitness equipment in recent years. It generally features a flat platform with a built-in motor that provides variable resistance for users to perform various resistance training while standing on it.

INNODIGYM may not be widely known to the general public, but it is a heavyweight in the fitness equipment industry—focusing for decades on the production (mainly OEM) of home and commercial large-scale fitness equipment, with massive annual exports and strong production and R&D capabilities.

As a planner and coach, I organized a trial and online training camp for this product, using it for a total of about 30 hours, and here are my impressions:

  1. Appearance and Material

The INNODIGYM Smart Power Platform occupies an area of 85*45 cm, a moderate size—too small feels cramped, and too large is bulky and hard to place.

The thickness (including the base mat) is only 8 cm, which is extremely thin. This feature is unrivaled among similar products (which, due to motor arrangement, have a thickness of about 18 cm) and is very practical—it can fit under almost any sofa or bed at home, presenting almost no storage pressure.

The body is made of aerospace-grade material in one piece, with a rubber anti-slip damping surface on top, the power cord on the side, and a main switch.

  1. Performance

The motor can provide up to 99 lbs of resistance per side, or 198 lbs total.

(In fact, 99 lbs per side is sufficient for 80% of the population, while power experts might want to try the new "P1 Max" version.)

The minimum starting resistance is 2 kg, with adjustments possible in 1 kg increments.

The INNODIGYM Smart Power Platform features four resistance modes (a major advantage of motorized resistance devices)—Standard Mode (Gravity Mode), Centrifugal Mode (double resistance during the centrifugal phase, suitable for hypertrophy training and injury prevention), Spring Mode (also called Elastic Band Mode, where resistance increases with the length of the rope pulled), and Speed Mode (the faster the speed, the greater the resistance, suitable for explosive strength training).

  1. User-Friendliness

Accessories include handle grips, a long bar, leg straps, waist straps, and a fitness chair (some are optional), allowing for almost all dumbbell and barbell movements as well as many cable machine exercises—such as barbell back/front squats, bicep curls, deadlifts, bent-over rows, bench presses, overhead presses, woodchoppers, high pulls, rocket presses, hip bridges, and various weighted lunges.

There is a red button on the provided grips and long bar that, when pressed, loads or unloads resistance, which is safe and convenient, especially for squats and bench presses where it ensures safety when muscles are fatigued.

The base has a single knob for adjusting resistance; pressing it (or stepping on it) stops and starts the machine, which is clear and convenient.

The unit also includes a speaker, with sound quality similar to that of my phone.

  1. User Experience

Convenient and easy to use!

After using the INNODIGYM Smart Power Platform, the usage of my complete set of dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells at home decreased by 80%—mostly because of the convenience. Just pull it out from under the sofa, turn it on, exercise, put it back, and done.

Even as a professional athlete with substantial strength, the 330 LBS of resistance provided by the P1 MAX Smart Power Platform is sufficient, and its four modes of resistance are something that free weights cannot achieve.

My wife and parents also use it sometimes. Apart from finding it safe and convenient, they appreciate that the Power Platform does not have the oppressive feel of traditional resistance equipment, making them more willing to use it.

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