HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / November 13, 2023 / INNODIGYM is at the forefront of transforming the fitness landscape with its innovative smart home gym solutions, making comprehensive workouts accessible from the comfort of your home. The lineup includes the P1, offering 135 lbs of resistance; the P1 Pro, with 265 lbs; and the P1 Max, the powerhouse providing up to 330 lbs of digital resistance in a sleek 3.9-inch profile, all while taking up minimal space (0.51㎡). This cutting-edge home gym system discards traditional bulky equipment for a compact, efficient design, incorporating four adaptive training modes (strength, muscle building, endurance, and power) tailored to a variety of fitness aspirations. Ready out-of-the-box, the P1 series is set to redefine your exercise routine.

  Key Innovations of INNODIGYM:

  Digital Resistance Technology: Transition from conventional weights to precise, digitally adjusted resistance for a streamlined and effective workout experience.

  Versatile Model Selection: Tailor your fitness journey with our diverse range: the P1, P1 Pro, or INNODIGYM P1 Max, each designed to cater to different strength and training needs.

  Customizable Training Modes:

  Standard: Embark on foundational strength training.

  Eccentric: Target muscle growth and mastery with enhanced control.

  Chain Mode: Boost endurance through dynamic, progressive resistance.

  Speed Mode: Cultivate explosive strength and agility.

  Exclusive INNODIGYM App: Dive into a vast collection of workout programs and personalized training plans, track progress, and analyze performance with our comprehensive app – no subscriptions required.

  Safety Assurance: Integrated safety mechanism instantly releases weight during overexertion, ensuring a secure training environment.

  Modular Bench Upgrade: Opt for our adjustable bench, ingeniously designed for seamless storage and equipped with mobility wheels, compatible across all P1 models.

  Extensive Accessories: Complete your workout arsenal with smart handles, a long bar, waist belt, and ankle straps for full-body engagement.

  Integrated Bluetooth Speaker: Elevate your workout atmosphere with immersive, high-quality sound, motivating you through each session.

  Leo Leung, Marketing Manager at INNODIGYM, shares, "Launching the INNODIGYM P1 series is a milestone in our quest to democratize fitness. Our goal is to make premium, gym-grade workouts accessible to everyone, everywhere – from busy professionals to dedicated fitness buffs. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional gym setups. INNODIGYM P1 ushers in a new era of convenience, efficiency, and style in home fitness."

  The INNODIGYM P1 series debuts on Indiegogo, with special early bird pricing starting at $799 for the P1 Plus. Embrace the fitness revolution - visit our campaign today and claim your INNODIGYM P1 MAX.


  INNODIGYM stands as a beacon of innovation in the fitness equipment industry, propelled by a commitment to pioneering digital strength training solutions. Our dedicated R&D team excels in merging design, technology, and manufacturing expertise to develop top-tier fitness equipment. With 84 patents to our name, INNODIGYM is on a mission to equip the world with the most advanced, efficient, and stylish fitness solutions, enabling everyone to reach their fitness goals with ease and precision.

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