Limited Warranty

  • Last updated: Nov 8, 2023

    Who Does This Warranty Cover?

    This limited warranty (the “Warranty”) is issued by Innodigym Systems, Inc. (“Innodigym”, “we”, or “us”) to you, a consumer who purchased or a giftee of a new Innodigym products or a new Innodigym-branded package of smart accessories directly from us or from a Innodigym-authorized reseller. The Warranty covers only you, the original product purchaser or a giftee. The Warranty cannot be assigned or transferred to any subsequent purchaser or user and is not available to products that were purchased from any source other than Innodigym or a Innodigym-authorized reseller. This Warranty may not apply to certain purchasers who have a separate written contract with us. A “giftee” is an individual who received a new Innodigym trainer or new Innodigym-branded package of smart accessories as a gift from the original purchaser; the giftee is considered the owner of the original membership attached to that Product. The Warranty is not applicable to any apparel, housewares or other goods sold on or on the website of a Innodigym-authorized reseller.

    What Does This Warranty Cover?

    This Warranty covers defects in the Innodigym or new package of Innodigym-branded smart accessories you purchased from us or a Innodigym-authorized reseller (the “Product”) during the Warranty Period. Innodigym warrants that the Product is free from defects in materials and workmanship and will, under normal and intended use, function substantially in accordance with our Product documentation and technical specifications.  Proof of Product purchase is required as a condition to coverage under this Warranty, and the Product requires an online connection to ensure full functionality.

    What Is Not Covered by the Warranty?

    Regardless of the above, the Warranty does not cover the following:

    • Commercial use of the Product.
    • Software and software functionality, even if licensed or sold with or embedded in the Product, or Internet connectivity.  Innodigym does not warrant that the use or operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free. 
    • Damage or loss of access as a result of Innodigym’s termination or suspension of your account.
    • Data loss and any costs associated with data recovery.
    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Defects or malfunctions experienced during or caused by use that is not in conformity with Product documentation and technical specifications.
    • Damage caused by natural disasters or acts of God, power reduction, fluctuation or failure from whatever cause, electrical wiring, misuse, accident, neglect, abuse, vandalism, alteration, improper or unauthorized modification, or tampering.
    • Damage to your property, home, walls, or floors that may result from installation or removal of the Product.
    • Product that has been resold, stolen, or that Innodigym reasonably believes to be resold, stolen, counterfeit, or purchased from an unauthorized distributor or reseller.
    • Damage caused by improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair.
    • Damage caused by improper installation, relocation, or uninstallation.
    • Product or Product parts returned without authorization from us.

    What Is the Warranty Period?

    The Warranty period is as follows, beginning from the date of purchase or delivery of the Product, whichever is later. The Warranty Period is 1 year coverage for whole machine.

    How Do You Submit a Claim?

    Contact Innodigym at to report any Product issues and open a claim under the Warranty.

    If your Product has a defect or malfunction covered by this Warranty, Innodigym will repair, replace, or refund the Product at the sole discretion of Innodigym. If Innodigym determines that a Product should be replaced, the replacement may be a new or a re-manufactured Product. Innodigym may not return the original Product to you.

    Do not return any product to Innodigym without first receiving the authorization email and instructions for how to proceed. Innodigym may require you to furnish proof of purchase and/or comply with other requirements before receiving Warranty service.

    More Questions?

    If you have questions, or to begin the service process, please contact us at