INNODIGYM introduces two groundbreaking versions: the P1 Lite (with a maximum resistance of 133 lbs) and the P1 Lite Plus (featuring a wall-mount option and a maximum resistance of 133 lbs). The sleek P1 Lite Plus boasts wall-trainability and over 100 workout variations, providing up to 133 lbs of resistance. Linked to a dedicated app, it offers a complimentary training program and seamlessly logs workout data. On the other hand, the P1 Lite presents a slim design with resistance ranging from 4.4 to 133 lbs, catering to women's fitness needs. This intelligent home gym streamlines exercise routines by eliminating bulky gear and offers four distinct training modes: strength, muscle building, endurance, and power.

Key Features of INNODI GYM:

Elevate Your Workout: Embrace a digital fitness solution that transcends traditional dumbbells. Experience precision through digital adjustments, transforming your exercise regimen into a clutter-free and enjoyable fitness journey.

Dual Options: Choose between the P1 Lite (max 133 lbs) and the P1 Lite Plus (max 133 lbs with additional wall-hanging training accessories).

Four Workout Modes:

Standard: Basic strength training

Eccentric: Efficient muscle growth and control

Chain Mode: Enhanced endurance in dynamic workouts

Speed Mode: Unlock explosive power

INNODIGYM Smart App: Access a diverse library of over 100 movement instructions and more than 20 training templates for free. Customize your training, monitor workout data, and generate reports without any subscription or monthly fees.

Comprehensive Accessories: The package includes handles, a waist belt, ankle straps, and wall-mounted accessories (only for P1 Lite Plus) to cater to various exercise needs.

Wall Hanging Training: Specifically designed for P1 Lite Plus, optimizing chest and back-focused workouts.

Intelligent Electromagnetic Resistance Regulation Technology: Adjustable resistance ranging from 4.4 lbs/2 kg to 133 lbs/60 kg.

2.1-inch Incredibly Ultra-thin Design: With a product weight of only 26 lbs and occupying 0.26 square meters, Lite+ features retractable handles embedded on both sides for easy lifting.

"We're excited to unveil the INNODIGYM P1 Lite," exclaimed Jason Ren, Founder & CEO/Chief Product Officer at INNODIGYM. "Our mission is to empower fitness enthusiasts globally by providing accessibility and versatility that revolutionizes exercise. Whether you're a pro, enthusiast, or beginner, now you can enjoy gym-quality training at home. Say goodbye to bulky equipment and crowded gyms. With the INNODIGYM P1 Lite, we're ushering in a new era of fitness convenience."

The INNODIGYM P1 Lite has launched on Kickstarter, offering super early bird pricing starting from $499. To join the fitness revolution, explore the campaign for the INNODIGYM P1 Lite and secure your reservation order.


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